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We stock and supply a huge range of transmission related products. Get in touch with us


Hydraseals Hose & Bearings Ltd are distributors for many of the world's leading belt and pulley manufacturers. All of our products relating to transmissions are purchased from Quality Assured Manufacturers ensuring customers receive top-quality products at competitive prices.

Belts & Pulleys

Belts and pulleys are available in both imperial and metric pitch sizes and solve every requirement for high-power precision transmissions. Timing belts and pulley drives are non-slip mechanical drives and are used to drive and control component parts in agricultural, automotive and industrial applications.

Chains & Sprockets

Roller chains and sprockets are used in a wide range of applications from agricultural and industrial machinery to bicycles. They provide high power, synchronous drive systems and are manufactured from high-quality materials and finished to tight dimensional tolerances. Sprockets are available with either a taper or pilot bore, the former designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and keyway size. We also stock sawmill chain, conveyor chain, forklift chain, combine chain.

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