Hydra Seals – Celebrates 20 Years at the MGM!

Hi all…

We’ve had a hectic week over the Halloween

weekend. We took a little trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the business’ 20 years trading in Ireland. Over four days we each person traveled about 30 hours to and from the destination, Ā slept an average of 10 hours, and if it were still possible to re- mortgageĀ in these days, it may well have been done. Thankfully everyone had a great time, and everyone arrived home safe and sound, in several pieces, in some cases.

We’ve posted a few photo’s below. Check them out.

Hydra Seals - Vegas HQ

Hydra Seals Vegas HQ

Hydra Seals @ MGM Grand

Hydra Seals - Taking in all bets...

Hydra Seals – Taking in all bets…


Glenn in the money