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5 Industries That Use Tapered Roller Bearings

5 Industries That Use Tapered Roller Bearings

One of the benefits of using Tapered or roller bearings is the ability to take heavy axial loads and can withstand radial forces in use with various machine types. They roller bearings can be found in many vehicles, as they are known to balance moving forces. They come in various forms and sizes and are compatible to various machineries that one could think of.

We could class roller bearings into one of four main types;

  • Single row tapered roller bearings
  • Matched single row tapered roller bearings
  • Double row tapered roller bearings
  • Four-row tapered roller bearings

Each one of these bearings have a specific application and are specific to various types of industry. The most common tapered bearing would be the single row tapered roller bearing and the double row tapered roller bearing. The tapered roller bearings are found in daily use in vehicles and moving machineries.

Tapered roller bearings popularity is due to the fact that they are easy to disassemble, and remove from machinery, so maintenance down time in minimised in highly dependable environments, such as food production. Designed to take both axial and radial loads in one direction simultaneously. Double row tapered roller bearings are another stronger bout of bearings which have the capacity to move axial and radial forces in two directions making it imperative for the machines with high turning torques.

The most common applications for tapered roller bearings:.

  1. Tapered roller bearings are found in gear boxes in vehicles, especially in heavier trucks, in lathe spindles etc. where the axial and radial forces combine together to run the machine.
  2. Roller bearings are used in the mining industry to aid lifting equipment.
  3. Taper roller bearings are also used in axle systems of machines and vehicles to ensure a good performance of the concerned machine.
  4. Vehicular and plant/machinery engines have parts that utilise taper roller bearings.
  5. The Aviation industry used taper roller bearings in aircraft and helicopter transmissions. They are also used in aircraft fuel pumps.

If you have any requirements for roller bearings, or need assistance on measuring a roller bearing to replace in a particular machine or vehicle, do not hesitate to contact hydra seals via our contact page, or pop in to our trade counter and we’ll assist in measuring and fitting a high quality replacement ball bearing or roller bearing.


Hydra Seals appointed KOBO Leaf Chain Distributor –

Hydra Seals are now distributors for KOBO Leaf chain.

The Kobo leaf chain is manufactured to the highest standards and is fully stamped etched and certified, giving you the peace of mind of the traceability and the quality you would expect from Hydra Seals and from one of the oldest chain makers in the world.

Kobo Leaf Chain provides practical cost effective solutions, with a commitment to value through quality. This is achieved by continuous investment in people, process technology and manufacturing.
KOBO Leaf Chain can be supplied on reels or as cut lengths all with certification, cotter pins and/or connecting links. With our onsite engineering workshop and team of fully trained engineers, we can provide custom solutions to any material handling problem. Anchor bolts and rollers are available on request and can be made to sample.

Treated chains are also available, ideal for outside applications in more extreme environments, such as de-mountable trucks on the back of vehicles and dockland based trucks etc.

KOBO has over 120 years of experience in the design and manufacture of power transmission & lifting products. Manufactured to the highest specifications, with proven performance in industry worldwide, this underwrites the guaranteed quality and the assurance of reliability.

KOBO can offer excellent service and technical expertise, with agencies throughout Europe. KOBO staff are available for visits to your customer or plant to help you secure solutions to problems.

KOBO is recognised throughout industry for its capability to create specific solutions to customers’ unique requirements. International companies and industries from steel to food processing, escalators and textile machinery have chosen KOBO to solve their problems.

Where are Industrial Seals Most Commonly used?

Top 8 Industries where Industrial Seals are most commonly used?

The main purpose of an industrial seal is to seal the opening between a static and rotating component. It is vital to use high performance seals for improving the efficiency of equipment. The following are 10 top industries which use hydraulic, pneumatic seals or a combination of both.

  1. Farm Machinery & Agricultural Plant

During agricultural harvesting seasons, agri-machinery needs to perform with optimal efficiency. Machinery used outdoors, such as ploughing equipment, tractors, harvesters etc, all face exposure to the weather elements, and with the Irish and UK climates consistent flooding, numerous storms and generally damp conditions, frequent contamination from the surroundings erode both hydraulic hose, hose fittings, bearings and other parts of the machiners. There is a constant need to repair and maintain farm equipment, the use of high performance seals, play an important role in productivity and lowering expenses. Farm implements use single acting hydraulic seals on harvesting, threshing, baling, drainage and on crop harvesting machinery.

  1. Amusement Machines

Amusment machines, such as roller costers and other attractions at funfares, including some of the rides at Tayto Park for example, would require hydraulic seals and other parts to keep running. Imagine how much would be lost if a major amusement ride broke down for a day. When the seal fails in the brake system, it can leak brake fluid, forcing a shutting down of the ride for repairs. Not to mention the cleanup afterwards.

  1. Auto Industry

Almost every vehicle assembly department uses pneumatic rams on assembly jigs. Engineers prefer pneumatics as they are quieter and cleaner, which can prevent any leakage from contaminating its surroundings. Sound absorbing materials such as polyurethane and rubber are effective in achieving significant compressed air savings.

  1. Cheese Manufacturers

Ireland has a long tradition for quality farming, and cheese making in itself is a niche of the agri-industry. There is also a trend to consume more homegrown / organic grubsteaks, and apart from the major dairys of the Mitchelstown Cheese Factory (Dairygold), there is a plethora of small businesses manufacturing in the niche, This machinery generally uses Pneumatic seals, spring energized seals, wipers and guide rings are used on manufacturing and packaging machines in the cheese industry.

  1. Coal Mining Equipment

Coal mining is still carried out in various parts of the world, and hydraulics are used extensively in the underground mining machinery, while pneumatics are used on roof support machinery. Essential to the mining industry is safety and the use of high performance parts to provide extraordinary service life so that downtime and maintenance is kept to a minimum.

  1. Concrete Pumping

Concrete pump designers face many challenges because concrete is heavy, viscous, abrasive, contains pieces of hard rock and solidifies if not kept moving. One of the causes of dangerous blockages can be attributed to improper setting up of the pump system, and requires specialised sealing and proper guide element replacement when the seals are replaced.

  1. Earth-Movers & Excavators

High performance oil seals and hydraulic seal kits are required for heavy earthmoving, excavators, dozers and backhoe loaders. The mining and construction industry is the heaviest user of high performance seals and reliable wiper seals.

8 Printers

Some may say printing is a dying trade, but with Newspapers and Printed books still in demand, and 4% of marketing budgets being pumped into traditional printed marketing, such as flyers and business cards, the demands of the fast-paced publishing industry benefits immensely from machine parts manufactured with high performance polyurethanes and rubber materials to allow for greater speeds and higher productivity.