4 different types of hydraulic seals- hydra seals hose and bearings

4 Different Types of Hydraulic Seals

The Main Types of Hydraulic Seals

There are several types of Hydraulic Seals, which are available as Rod Seals, Piston Seals and Wiper Seals. Before you purchase a seal for whatever application you are using, there are a few requirements that need to be checked considered;
• Diameter of Inner Shaft
• Diameter of Outer Shaft
• The Radial Cross Section
• The Operation Speed
• Pressure and Temperature Placed Upon Seals in Operation
• Vacuum Rating
Types of Seals:
Piston Seals are used in hydraulic cylinders, and prevent fluid from flowing over the cylinder head by sealing against the cylinder bore. This application, the sealing lip is in contact with the housing bore and the seal is pressed within the shaft. Rod Seals are also used for preventing fluid from leaking. They are placed external to the cylinder bore. They would be considered a radial seal, and prevent fluid from leaking from within the cylinder to the outside. Symmetric Seals work equal or symmetric to piston/rod seals and Axial Seals make contact with or are “in-axis” with the housing components. There are two variations of Hydraulic Seals, one would be dynamic seals and the other is an Exclusion Seals.
Dynamic Seals prevent contamination to fluids by creating a void between moving and non-moving parts. These types of seals would be typically piston seals. Exclusion seals help keep debris from machine bearings and moving parts. Typical types of exclusion seals would be wiper seals, which wipe the debris away. There are also V seals and scraper seals within the exclusion seal range.
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